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Gas prices are on the rise again after declining for nearly two weeks, reports AAA, The Auto Club Group.  Georgia’s gas prices declined early last week,

then rose a total of seven cents Thursday thru Sunday.  Sunday’s state average of $2.44 is three cents more than last month and 27 cents more than this same time a year ago.

Mark Jenkins, AAA spokesman, states, “There are a few factors that gave gas prices a boost, but this time it wasn’t crude oil. Gasoline supplies took a sharp dip last week, as exports rose and refineries began to switch from winter to summer blend gasoline.  In addition, demand in the southeast – especially in Florida – is strong, as Americans hit the road for spring break.”

“We also noticed strong gains in wholesale gasoline prices last week, which should signal additional increases at the pump this week,” adds Jenkins.

Wholesale gasoline prices climbed 10-15 cents last Wednesday thru Friday. Based on current levels, prices at the pump could climb another nickel. At the same time, crude oil prices have remained steady.

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