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Today, March 12, 2018, marks the 25th anniversary of when this area was hit by the Blizzard of ’93.  The historic storm dumped up to two feet of snow in some Floyd County locations, led to widespread power outages (some lasted a week or more) and closed schools down for several days.

There is no doubt that Rome and Floyd County residents will spend the next few days on a trip down memory lane.  Those who survived “the Storm of the Century” definitely have stories to tell about it.

Randy Davis, owner of WLAQ AM 1410, certainly had an important role to play amid the storm as a member of the local media.  He recalls the intensity of the storm as “unbelievable”.

Then-local businessman Mike Meadows came to Davis’ rescue at the foot of Mount Alto after the Blizzard subsided.  Meadows also assisted local police with stranded motorists, a mission for which Davis rode along.

And, of course, power was restored to the radio station shortly thereafter so that Davis and company could proceed with their duty to inform the public in the aftermath of the historic storm.

Longtime educator Terrell Shaw remembers being ‘covered up’ by the storm on Cedar Avenue; fortunately, he and his wife had access to gas heating at a home they had just purchased on Avenue A.  They stayed warm with friends and ‘had a ball’.

Rebekah Wood of Lindale celebrated her 13th birthday amid the Blizzard of ’93.  Her uncle baked biscuits over a fire and placed a candle in one of them to commemorate the milestone.

The “Storm of the Century” affected millions of people in the eastern United States over a four-day period from March 12-15, 1993.  Even locations as far away as Cuba and Canada were affected by the storm, which produced record snowfall, hurricane-force winds and storm surges in some areas.

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