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Tactical urbanism will be the order of the day on Thursday during a special event on Fifth Avenue in downtown Rome.

So what is tactical urbanism?  It’s not a military strategy, it’s a collection of low-cost, temporary changes to an urban environment.  Tactical urbanism is an ideal way to test ideas cheaply on a temporary basis before implementing changes permanently, states Kemberli Sargent of PEDS, a pedestrian safety advocacy group based in Atlanta.

PEDS is teaming with the City of Rome and Alta Planning and Design to host a Tactical Urbanism Party on Fifth Avenue in downtown Rome this Thursday from 4 pm until 7 pm.  Sargent enthuses that the area will be transformed into a lively pedestrian space.

Set up will begin around 10 am for the event, which is being held as a part of the 2018 Georgia Walk Summit.  The public is invited to pitch in, according to Sargent.

Search for 5th Avenue Tactical Urbanism Party on Facebook to get additional information about the event.

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