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Winter weather may only be in the back of folks’ minds as the Greater Rome area had a relatively slow cool down during Fall 2016.  But emergency management officials want to bring it to the forefront of the thoughts of residents statewide with the observation of Winter Weather Preparedness Week in Georgia, which got underway on Monday and continues through Friday, December 5th through 9th.

Floyd County Emergency Management Agency Director Tim Herrington says that Winter Weather Preparedness Week is a good time to – well, prepare – for various types of weather faced in Georgia during the wintertime, such as snow, freezing rain, sleet and the dreaded black ice.

Herrington says that the best way to be prepared for winter weather is to stay informed.  And there are apps for that!  The Floyd County EMA has a mobile app, as does Ready Georgia.  Both are available free of charge through the Apple App Store and Google Play.

Sometimes snow and ice are not the severe weather threats that face Northwest Georgia residents in winter.  This area has also contended with storms and high winds during that time.  And though we’ve experienced an exceptional drought in recent days, Herrington won’t soon forget the epic flooding that covered our community last Christmas.

Those seeking more information as to how to prepare for and stay informed about winter weather are advised to visit or call the Floyd County Emergency Management Agency at (706) 236-5002.

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