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Have you been successful in keeping your New Year’s resolution (so far) this year?  Whether your resolution is to quit smoking, lose weight or to achieve a healthier lifestyle, be patient with yourself!  This bit of encouragement comes from Erin Hernandez, who serves as Vice President of the Northwest Georgia Cancer Coalition.  Hernandez says that achieving your goals for the new year involves planning and preparation, a process through which one should never lose heart. She advises those with New Year’s resolutions to be patient and be open to new ideas.  

Hernandez adds that the Cancer Coalition offers classes, counseling and other resources to those whose resolution is to quit smoking.  The Georgia Tobacco Quit Line is also available 24 hours a day at 1-877-270-STOP.

Have you resolved to eat healthier in this new year?  Instead of concentrating on what you should not eat, Hernandez suggests that you maintain your focus on healthier dining options. If your resolution is to exercise more, then get up and get moving – and remember, take baby steps towards your goals!  

To learn about the resources that are available through the Northwest Georgia Cancer Coalition, visit or call (706) 291-9998. 

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